Big thanks to Mikey Martins, at Freedom Festival, and Michelle Alford, of Hull Culture & Leisure, for initial words of encouragement when Discomposure was being planned as a physical art installation and exhibition.

Thanks to the Freedom Festival team, and Mikey again, for providing a digital excuse to display this work at what is, under normal circumstances, one of the finest and largest outdoor arts festivals in the UK.

Thanks to Arts Council England who provided me with Emergency Funding during the Covid-19 crisis and, as a result, bought me some essential time to create this work and this online corner of the internet, and also to Hull City Council for supporting freelance artists during the same time period and enabling me to not only survive but buy some toilet roll and food.

Cheers to Paul John Sarel for contributing a musical track that is also part of this project.

Thanks to beta testers Danielle Duerden, Julie Hames, Andy Pearson, Scott Windass and Sam Windass.

Thanks to Sarah Mole for making me question the very nature of art and how one puts it out there.

Thanks to my late parents for nurturing some artistic muscles and encouraging creative silliness, and my dad especially for all the inspirational work at the drawing board, mahl stick in one hand, brush in the other.

Thanks to Mike Wales for turning me on to Douglas Coupland, Selina Thompson for bringing her work to Heads Up Festival, Sam Fowler for purchasing the first physical Discomposure poster and Sazzle Featherstone for displaying it, my long-lost musical tribe of misfits at Riley High for getting me into Crass, Ryoichi Tsunekawa for his excellent font, and the fatalistic cycle ride that led me to Artificial Limb Unit.

And thank you, for swinging by.